Captain Cash Accepting New Charities in Donate Cash for Gold Program

    There are many cash for gold companies around, urging customers to sell their gold for a variety of different reasons, promising high payouts. One thing that no company can offer is a chance to do a good deed while getting rid of old gold. Now Captain Cash is offering just that, a chance for sellers to get rid of old gold and help those in need.
    With their Charity for Gold program, sellers choose from a list of worthy charities where they would like the proceeds of their gold to go. The process is the same as that used to sell gold, but the proceeds go directly to the charity of choice, and there is full transparency, as donors receive a tax deductible receipt and a free vacation.
    The charities included Captain Cash’s innovative program are thoroughly researched to ensure that the money donated will be fully used for a good purpose. Some of these charities help thousands of people each year. They cover a variety of causes, from helping to save wildlife and the planet, to aid for special needs children and poverty in Africa. The donate cash for gold program benefits all parties, as the involved charities enjoy free publicity and thousands of dollars that come without the time and money spent on fundraising.
    For a short time, Captain Cash is accepting new charities into their elite program. Interested charities simply need to visit the Captain Cash Charity for Gold site, and click on the ‘For Organizaitons’ tab. After filling out a short form, a knowledgeable Captain Cash representative quickly contacts the charity to discuss the program in detail and begin the rigorous background check.
    Donors of gold enjoy the diverse selection of charities they have to choose from, and the more organizations that can be helped through this innovative program, the merrier. Whether you are a potential gold donor or interested charity, take the time to check out Captain Cash for Gold Donate Gold. You’ll be blown away.