Sell Gold to Save the Planet

America is one of the largest consumers of gold in the world, and in our minds, gold is a pretty, shiny element used to adorn and beautify. But that gold ring winking at you from a corner of the showcase might have a bloody story to tell.

Unlike in times past, the gold supply in the world has been drastically depleted. The mining process places myriad burdens on the environment, and in some countries escalates human rights violations. A revolutionary new concept that is making its debut is the recycling of gold – selling old gold to be melted down and reused. An easy way to do this is to sell gold through online buyers, who keep the process hassle-free, and help people make money on their gold. It’s a breakthrough that eco-friendly groups are snatching up, because finally there’s a suggestion for improvement rather than empty preaching.

A major mine watchdog group is struggling valiantly to bring attention to the dangers and detriments of gold mining. They are trying to influence consumers to investigate the source of their gold before buying. But now it’s going a step forward. Online gold buyer Captain Cash for Gold is going past the preliminaries of awareness, and is urging consumers to act by recycling their scrap gold.      

A major new trend of gold recycling would drastically cut down the demand for new gold, possibly saving wilderness and many towns and villages that are ruined by the wastes left from gold mining.

Gold mining imposes heavy burdens on the environment. After blasting the mines, tons of waste ore and wasteland is left with nowhere to go. Gold miners do further damage when extracting the gold from the ore. Cyanide, a toxic substance, is used to remove the gold. Hydrogen cyanide is highly toxic and at high exposures can even be fatal to humans and mammals such as, fish, birds, and the like. The real fear with gold mining is that the cyanide solutions may leach into soil and groundwater. There exists the potential for catastrophic cyanide spills that could inundate an ecosystem with toxic levels of cyanide.

The detrimental effects of gold mining aren’t as far removed from us as we think. It has ruined areas of the Rocky Mountains wilderness in Montana, the Pebble Mine in Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed, and the worst spill as of yet was in 2002, in Baia Mare, Romania.

Aside from its effect on the environment, gold mining in areas of conflict and poverty contributes to inhumane treatment. A major ‘gold mine’, literally, lies in Congo and on Ghana’s ancient Gold Coast.  In these areas, big gold mining companies fuel constant clashes between the mining giants and artisanal miners, resulting in terribly inhumane treatment.

With all the reform that is valiantly working to make dirty gold a thing of the past, the newest and most revolutionary is that of gold recycling. Old scrap gold can be melted down without any burden on the environment, and reused, saving acres of land, countless livelihoods, and lives.

Captain Cash for Gold is working with mining watch groups to prevent detrimental gold mining. By getting cash for gold through Captain Cash, sellers can be guaranteed trust and reliability, with the peace of mind of knowing that their gold is going to help save the environment. The process is fast and easy, and when sellers sell gold, the gold will be melted down and reused. Getting cash for gold has never been as profitable as it is now - for your pocket, and for your world.