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Gold Jewelry Buyers are literally a dime a dozen these days, but only is family-owned and operated for that personal touch sensitive to your particular needs. We offer a modern way to sell your jewelry, with all payments made in twenty-four hours! Plus, we’ll even send you a free gift, just as a thank-you for the business. No need to look through the list of Gold Jewelry Buyers now that there is a company that will give you the best prices for your precious metals, with the technological infrastructure to provide you with peace of mind and security through package tracking and free insurance for your jewelry while en route to us. ranks among the most prominent of Gold Jewelry Buyers across the nation, famous for top-dollar payouts and our industry-leading 100% satisfaction guarantee. We buy gold, silver, and platinum jewelry in any form or condition. ensures your complete satisfaction with our twelve-day no-hassle return policy, where even the shipping is on us! After millions of dollars in payouts in over a decade of business, our ecstatically satisfied customers have been able to convert their old, used, or even broken jewelry into cash without ever leaving home. It all starts and ends with filling out our simple online form to receive your own FedEx CashPak that’s insured for up to five hundred dollars against loss and damage. That’s all there is to it!

Do you have jewelry that’s broken or otherwise unsuitable for wear? Our well-trained experts will determine your jewelry’s precious metal content according to fair market values for honest appraisals that are accurate and beneficial for you. Don’t send it to a refiner, who will only offer you the bare minimum in “melt value.” Get more money for your gold with and do business with someone you can trust.

On an information superhighway otherwise dotted by bad deals, shady dealers, and broken promises, is the friendly roadside rest-stop that offers you the quickest, safest, and most modern way to sell your jewelry, all with the quality experience you deserve!

As a nationally recognized brand that’s been on the record on TV, you can be sure that is all business all the time, with a streamlined no-nonsense operation that makes everything fast and friendly for you. We’ve been famous all these years for bringing a personal touch to this business that’s greatly appreciated by those who believe in individualized attention, and your experience will be no different. “Talk to us.”

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